Waste Management


            Basaveshwar College of Education, Bidar was established under the HKE Society Kalaburagi in 1980 with a mission of Transforming the hidden potentials of the students into realities. To enable the students to develop holistic personality with productive thinking. To enable the students to fulfill themselves with growth, happiness and satisfaction. It is a premier institution of South India championing the cause of Teacher Education with course like B.Ed.

The following attributes highlight the eminent position of our institute in the region:

  • Government aided institution,
  • Permanent Affiliated to Bidar University, Bidar.
  • Recognized by UGC 2(F) and 12(B)
  • The institution is Southern region to be recognized by NCTE.
  • Accredited by NAAC in 2004 with ‘B’ grade.

Scope of the Policy

            The policies and initiatives for the conservation of energy, environment and green campus activities will develop a positive attitude towards nature and will create challenge for protecting our resources amongst the prospective teachers. Being the future nation builders of the society, the student teachers are expected to disseminate the same to the young generations of the schools through various activities.

Objectives of the Policy

  • To make student teachers understand the importance of environment and its problem areas.
  • To educate student teachers to create awareness amongst public.
  • To protect and conserve ecological systems and resources within and outside the campus.
  • To work with the local community to enhance the environment protection practices and energy conservation strategies among the rural community.

Waste Management Policy


            Proper Environment management is essential for sustainable development of all living organisms including humankind. The institution realizes that protection of environment is the part of social responsibility of the student teachers who are going to become torchbearers of the society. College takes various measures to protect environment include awareness policies, waste management plastic free campus initiatives and rainwater harvesting.


            Basaveshwar College of Education, Bidar has a clear waste management policy for disposing off dry, wet, e-waste and waste water management.


  • Segregating solid waste on daily basis
  • Reducing the quantity of solid waste disposed off in the campus
  • Reusing and recycling the solid waste wherever possible
  • Taking efforts to make the campus Plastic free
  • Creating environmental consciousness through observation of various days

Action Plan

            Our institution is committed to take appropriate measures to reduce solid waste and reuse them wherever possible in the following ways:

  • Segregation of waste is done on daily basis.
  • There are separate-coloured bins for dry (blue) and wet (green) waste.
  • Use of Jute and cloth bags is encouraged for the faculty as well as students.
  • The dry saleable materials like paper, files, plastic, old furniture and other waste is regularly sold to recycling agents thus generating some income for outreach activities.
  • E-waste bin has been placed in the corridor to collect E-Waste.
  • Instead of taking CD’S from students, data is taken in Pen drives or through email and students upload the pdf of the assignments in Google classroom.
  • Consciousness is created among staff and students about the ways in which waste is generated and the means by which they can reduce waste generation and manage the waste they produce by following the five “R” principle of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse and Regenerate.
  • Use of sanitary napkin incinerator for eco-friendly disposal.
  • Creating environmental consciousness through observation of various days of importance such as world bicycle day, world environment day, plastic free day, world water day, energy conservation day, van mahotsava etc.
  • E-Waste is safely disposed off in E-waste bin obtained by CREST kept in the corridor. The college takes care of the safe disposal of e-waste such as camera, hard disk, mobiles, printers, UPS, laptops, CPU, mouse, scanner, cables, old computers, electrical switches, LCD Monitor, photo copier, fax Machines, pumps and other miscellaneous items.