Code of Conduct


  • All students should attend classes regularly.
  • 85% attendance in Theory and 90% attendance in practical is a must to fill the exam forms as per affiliated university GUK norms and regulation.
  • They should be present in the classroom before bell for commencement of the class.
  • They should be attentive in the classroom and participate in learning process.
  • They should maintain peace and follow discipline in the campus.
  • All students should wear uniform & Identity card.
  • They should appear in all examinations.
  • They should participate in sports and extracurricular activities.
  • They should behave decently with other fellow students.
  • They should contact the principal if they have any grievances, serious problems or disagreements with other students.
  • They should refer to the notice board daily.
  • They should not wander in the corridor when the classes are being engaged.
  • They should not intentionally or unintentionally damage the college building, infrastructure or properties which are meant for them only.
  • They should not throw plastic bags/ containers in the campus and should throw wastes into the waste bins or baskets.
  • They should keep the college campus clean and plastic free.
  • They should not indulge in sexual harassment which is a punishable offence under law.
  • They should submit assignment and all activities of the course in time.
  • Students are not allowed to use mobile within the college premises.
  • Students are forbidden to chew chewing gum inside the college premises.
  • Students from one class are not permitted to enter another class.
  • The college does not accept responsibility for the loss of books, money and other valuables
  • Student’s parents must visit the institution at least twice in a year and meet the principal to know the academic performance of their children.
  • Students have to attend all tests and examinations in uniform only.
  • Any change in the residential address or mobile number of the parents should be informed to the institution.
  • They should know that breach of any of the rules and regulation of the institution will invite disciplinary action against them.

The college is a noble centre of learning and enlightenment.  You should Endeavour to realize he best in yourself and thereby strive to raise the stature of Alma Mater.